Product characteristics

  • Economical further processing
  • Robust glossy nickel surface, suitable for chamfering, roll-forming, bending or deep drawing
  • Single piece coating not necessary, finished parts have perfect gloss
  • Selective plating possible upon inquiry.

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Designation Processing states
DC 01 LC - C690
DC 03 LC - C490
DC 04 LC - C490
other grades upon inquiry
The surface data stated refer to blank and unmodified strips
Surface types Version Roughness (Ra) μm
MA RR, RM 0,75 - 2,25
MB RL < 0,60
MC RN < 0,20
Stone finish 0,25 - 0,60
Thickness of layers
Thickness of layers 1 - 10μm each side
Thickness Width Coil weight Inner diameter
0,20 mm – 2,50 mm 5 mm – 630 mm max. 10 kg/mm Strip width 300 / 400 / 500 mm
Coils / Spools
one-layered wound up to 10 kg/mm strip width
multi-layered oscillated wound from a strip width of 5mm to 50mm in coil weights of up to 3.5to
Further surface finishing
clear varnishing
coating with pull-off foil
Dimension Quality
European standard 10140 European standard 10139
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